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Past Year/Renovation Related

Excellence is an inner drive to be the best that you can be. This desire to excel is what changes ordinary people into extraordinary individuals. These following individuals are Old Town Playhouse's "Extraordinaries". Our sincere and heartfelt appreciation is extended to each and every one of them.

Past Volunteers of the Year

Building Committee photo

Gary Olson - Architect

Larry Hains

Jeff Kroeger

Martin Wolf

Pat Easterday

Brian Dungjen

Al Thompson

Capital Campaign photo
Kathy Verstraete

Mike Kelly

Tracey Towner

Joe Kelly

Joe Whall

John Dew

Brooke Borgeson-Gray

Chris Wendel

George Beeby

Bev Attwood

Vern Attwood

Rotary Grant Presentation Committee Partial photo
Tracey Towner

George Beeby

John Pelizzari

Edith Swiatek

1998/1999 Season - People who worked on almost every show this season,
and in some cases
Jeff Kroeger - Set Design

Gary Bolton - Sound

Don Kuehlhorn - Light & Sound

Kathy Verstraete - Costumes

Larry Hains - Wherever needed

Marty Phillips - Lights

Deb Bowman - Lights & Sound

Mike Carney - Set Crew

Joe Whall - Sets


B&W Gala - Steering Committee and Production Staff photo
Brenda Biederman - Chair

Alyssa Johnson - Co-chair

Kris Hains - Publicity/Program

Brooke Borgeson-Gray - Raffle & Food

Tracey Towner - Food & Troubleshooter

June Neal - Entertainment and Producer

Steve Morse - Technical Director

Jeanette Mason - Personnel and Assistant Director for Entertainment

Matt McCormick - Invitation & Event Artist

Larry Hains - Set-up/Clean-up/Traffic

Mike Carney, John Hoffman - Beverage Coordination

Megan Barnes, Candy Morse - Auction Packages

Dore' Shaw - Treasure Chest

Chris Wendel - Publicity & Set Construction

Jill Beauchamp, Betty Gordon, Ann Machelski - Decorations

Nancy Korbel - Financial

George Beeby - Legal Advisor

Gary Garrison - Director

Joe Rice - Musical Director

Pat Easterday - Stage Manager

Gary Bolton - Sound

James Russell - Lighting Designer

Michael Kay, Jeff Kroeger, Michael Nunn - Set Construction

Pinkie Hoffman, Diane Hubert - Costume Design & Construction

Brian Dungjen - Pre-show Grounds Director

Edith Swiatek - Executive Director/Event Advisor

Volunteer of the Year - 1999 photo

Don Kuehlhorn

Special thanks to all Boards & the Job Search Committee this year