Volunteers... give the time of their lives.

Would you like to volunteer to work on an upcoming Old Town Playhouse production?

We are always looking for people who would like to join in the fun of putting together a show.  We are updating our list of volunteers for people to help build sets, paint sets, design and/or run light board, props, be on backstage crew, orchestra, costumes, ushering and the list just goes on and on.  If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form below so that we may update our volunteer list for our Directors and crews for upcoming plays.

Have you volunteered at the Old Town Playhouse in the past or are you a current volunteer? 

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Which of the following positions would you like to do at the OTP?     

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Do you have any experience doing this job?  (Experience is not necessary for most of the positions and training is always available.)

How can we improve your theatre experience? 


Tell us how to get in touch with you:

May we post your name and email for directors and producers to contact you?
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        Please visit the Old Town Playhouse Members web page at www.otp.com  or the main Old Town Playhouse web page at www.oldtownplayhouse.com  

if you experience difficulties completing this form, please contact don@kuehlhorn.com or bowman_debbie@hotmail.com
Revised: 7/11/2004