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Pat & Jerry Hager go back nearly to the beginning of Old Town Playhouse when it was still known as the Traverse City Civic Players. The Hagers, being new to the area, had read something in the paper about [TCCP] looking for directors. Since Pat directed in the Lansing area before moving up here, she decided to attend the meeting. Jerry joined her for moral support. They were both given scripts to read. It seemed, apparently that directors were chosen by having the people read from the script. They both read and the next day Jerry was called and given a part. It seems it was also an audition! Jerry was in the third play ever produced by Civic Players, The Mousetrap. It was 1962, the second season for the newly formed civic theatre

Money was always a factor in the early days of the burgeoning theatre company. They had none. Royalties were a maximum of $25. Even then, everything was a constant struggle. They worked from show to show. The play they chose for the next show depended on how much they made from the previous show. Poor as the proverbial church mice and things not going well, Judge Mort Forester, then president, along with the others decided to fold up and give any materials to the high school. Fortunately for us that never happened.





Outstanding Volunteer Presentation
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Kasey Kilpatrick joined the Traverse City Civic Players in 1969. It is appropriate that she be receiving this honor tonight. Her first role was in the musical that Pat Hager would see staged that same year…Guys and Dolls Longevity could also be a good reason Kasey is honored tonight.

From 1969 to today she remains a stalwart active member of Old Town Playhouse. By her count, Kasey has been involved with some 68 shows. 60 of which she has performed in; 12 of those were musicals, and she has directed six shows .

In 33 years with OTP, Kasey has done everything -- acting, directing, properties, board member, costumer, make-up designer, set design and construction. She set up the first make-up department and often travelled the area giving make-up demonstrations to groups. Kasey liked working on props. She would find or build the unusual that was needed for a show. When she was cast in a role she would immediately begin gathering props to enhance her character. More than one director has been surprised by what Kasey dug up for her role.